The law of nature states that everything has a vibration. We are made up of cells, of atoms, of particles. All vibrating energy. More space than matter, more vibration than mass. As you experience the reality of matter as vibration, you start to experience the reality of the mind in this cycle; consciousness, perception, sensation and reaction.

So by listening closely to our inner resonance, our body's infinite ocean of vibrations can be felt as sensations that dance themselves into realisation, providing for more space to discern how to react to our present moments and better transform our consciousness. Present moment embodiment practices such as TRE® and dance help bring us closer to this cycle, which offer for experiences that can be deeply healing, empowering and transformative.

Magic in Motion is a reminder to perceive magic in the mundane and even in times of stress and turmoil, to recognise that we are part of the constant alchemical cycle of creation, continually changing in nature. It is my wish for us to believe in the possibility of a beautiful, peaceful and abundant world, and for our actions be a reflection.

We can start by dancing.