About Jo Selwood


I am a dancer, ceremonial space holder, free form dance facilitator and TRE® Provider. 

I danced professionally in shows, TV and events from 2004 – 2015, beginning to transition from the dance performance world to the world of dance as a healing practice, meditation and self development tool from around 2012. 

I facilitate cacao ceremonies with dance journeys that encourage authentic self-expression and a deepening of the senses. 

My ceremonies offer a space for people to drop their masks, break out of their molds, to get real, be vulnerable and find acceptance in the many layers of the self, light and dark. I believe in the power and potential of a ceremonial setting to give potency to the groups’ prayers and intentions to allow for the unfolding and expression of truth.

My mission is to create more opportunities for people to come together and find liberation through dance and movement, to deepen their sensory awareness and to surrender to the body and it’s innate healing ability.


My story in motion

After 11 years of dancing professionally all over the world in production shows, cruise ships, casinos, circus, cabaret, burlesque, TV and commercials, in 2012, I began to cross over from the dance performance industry to the world of dance as healing. Using movement as a meditation and a self help tool in learning to express myself freely.
There came a point in my career where I felt I was moving further and further away from my own creative expression. So often performing in front of a panel of judges to be told whether the way I moved was considered aesthetically pleasing or not.
I realized I was being trained and cloned to be, act, look or move a certain way. 
Although I am eternally grateful for my training, career and experiences, I realized it was time I began to connect more deeply to my individual form of expression and stop trying to mold myself to a particular brief or type cast.
More and more I see how apparent this need to shift in to being a certain way to fit a particular mold can be what drives us to succeed and yet is the core reason for our sickness and disease.
My journey of self-exploration through present moment practices, particularly free form dance and TRE® has allowed me to wake up and activate the creative juices inside of me.
I’ve deepened my sensory perception, so I feel more aligned in body and mind and more aware of what makes me tick. 
I truly believe it is the practice of surrendering to the body that builds trust and fuller expression in daily life.
Through this healing process I am continually opening myself up to feeling more pleasure and joy than I ever believed was humanly possible.
I intend to continue my journey in learning more about the mind body connection and Somatic healing. Staying humble to the human organism and in awe of the alchemy of life itself.