Tension/Trauma release exercises is a technique that uses a series of simple exercises that stretch and fatigue the body to evoke a natural tremor mechanism that is accessible to all mammals including humans.


These tremors can help to release daily stresses as well as deeply held tension and trauma. It works on a neurological, physiological, psychological and emotional level.

It is evident that mammals in the wild instinctively know how to evoke this tremor mechanism to restore their nervous system back to balance after a traumatic event. It helps them to release the charge stored in their body and bring the event to completion so they can carry on with their daily lives in a healthy balanced state no longer debilitated by the trauma.

TRE® is a practice that is easily accessible to all and can be done by yourself after learning and becoming familiar with the practice under facilitation of a certified provider. Generally between 4 and 6 sessions under facilitation is recommended before taking it away with you for your own self healing, stress less tool box.

I feel passionately that every human has the right to feel and know that this technique can be accessed. It is a naturally occurring function in all of us that we have suppressed. It has the ability to release stress, restore balance and resolve the fight/flight/freeze responses held in the body that keep us held prisoner to a reactive nervous system. I have seen and felt this mechanism work it’s magic in myself and many others and it continues to amaze me, how it can reveal what is being suppressed and make space for so much pleasure and joy.

Check out Dr David Bercelis website, the founder of the practice.




A video by Dr David Berceli, giving an insight in to how and why he came to explore the tremor mechanism.


Individual sessions

Some people may feel more inhibited in a group to let go and express themselves and may therefore choose to be facilitated in an individual session, others are the opposite. How safe the body feels in it's environment is the key to feeling, healing and releasing.

I offer individual sessions at my home or at yours, whichever is most comfortable for you, so that you can experiment with what environments allow you to drop deep in to the process and let go.

Sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes, dependent on the time spent in the tremor process and the integration period required. We can feel in to what is needed on the day.


Intro Session - £40

2nd session and beyond - £50

4 session pack - £160 (£40 a session)

(Must be used within 2 months and can be paid in 2 installments.) 

For sessions held at your home I ask for an extra £10 to cover my time and travel.

Please contact me at joselwood@magicinmotion.space to inquire about individual sessions.

24 hour cancellation policy - Should you need to cancel your session, please notify me with 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in you losing the session and fee.

Group sessions

Upcoming Group Session Dates

4 Week Immersion

The classes run for 4 consecutive weeks. Safety and trust within the group and the space is a fundamental part of the healing process. If the body feels safe, healing will occur. If the body is unsafe healing cannot and will not happen. Therefore to establish a bond within the group it is strongly encouraged that you can attend 4 consecutive weekly classes. 

TRE® is a practice that is easily accessible to all and can be done by your self after learning and becoming familiar with the practice under facilitation of a certified provider. Self-regulation, the ability to process and integrate our experiences and regulate stimulation is a skill many people are lacking as we have become so disconnected from our felt senses and intuition.

These classes will give you time under safe supervision to become better at regulating yourself.

Going softly and slowly doesn’t come easy to many of us and yet it tends to be exactly what is needed to heal and resolve reactive patterns.

After this 4 week course, together we can assess whether you feel safe and ready to continue this practice alone.

 Dates and Cost

Sunday March 10th, 6pm – 7:45pm

Sunday March 17th, 6pm – 7:45pm

Sunday March 24th, 6pm – 7:45pm

Sunday March 31st, 6pm – 7:45pm


Full course of 4 sessions - £60 - paid in advance

Drop in cost £20 per session

Places are limited and priority will be given to those that can attend all 4 sessions. However, drop in spaces may open up so do still get in touch if you can attend some but not all. 

Payments can be made by PayPal to joselwood@magicinmotion.space

Or contact me for bank transfer details.

All payments are non-refundable.


Unmind Space - A Community Studio in Hackney Wick.

Full address and directions will be sent by email after booking.

Please contact me at joselwood@magicinmotion.space with questions and queries as well as to secure your place in the group sessions.

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